A New Chapter

Wow, the first blog post on our shiny new website! It's like the first page on an expensive journal... you don't want to mess it up! At least I have spell-check on this blog.

My brother Kyle & his partner Sidonie have done an amazing job on this website, so I feel I should use this seminal blog to thank them for their efforts! Their tireless work has made our rather good products look rather splendid! If you like their work you might want to look them up - their design studio is called Something Good and they have a beautiful gift/stationary/art/magazine/book store in Bristol called Something Else and I compel you to visit them.

So this is an exciting chapter for Fat Leaf, we've been going for 4 years now and we have evolved quite a lot in that time! From selling in our local weekly market we are now selling on Amazon (or just about too...) Infact what I should be doing right now is building some of the 180 planters that have been ordered by Amazon. But I fancied a break so I'll pretend I'm working on something very important in the office.

If any old clients are reading this, I thank you for your custom and support over the years, I have been promising a new website for quite sometime and I'm sure some of you didn't believe the day would finally come; and for any new or potential clients - you've come to the right place!

The best thing about this last 4 years is interactions with our customers; we make things for them by hand; a lot of effort and love goes into our products and they are usually made specifically for you and that seems to make the relationship a bit more special. It's not like we mass produce our products; there are three of us in our workshop and we make to order, more often than not with the client's rough sketches in our hands.

So I'll finish off by saying, here's to four more years!