The Avalon

The Avalon was Fat Leaf's biggest commercial project to date. We were commissioned by Three Cheers Pub CO. to design an build their beer garden  in Clapham, London. We divided the space into three zones and laid a mixture of scorched larch decking, unscorched larch decking and sweet chestnut decking. We built a full service bar and outdoor kitchen, 2 raised pergolas, banquette seating with oak slabs, a living wall, an ivy lined pergola walkway and all the outdoor furniture.


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Fat Leaf Go Inside!

Kyle Clarke & Sidonie Warren have been running a stationary store in Bristol called Papersmiths (previously Something Else) for 18 months, they recently decided to relocate and Fat Leaf got a call. At this point I should point out that Kyle is my brother, rather than a 'real' client, but nevertheless, it was an honour to work with him & his partner Sid on this inspiring project.

Rather than writing loads about the build I though a picture blog would tell the story far better than I ever could.

Here's hoping we get more inside work from this (especially as it's very wet outside!).



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By The Bay Restaurant

Tony & Stephanie Colston approached us to design some furniture for their restaurant on the Lyme Regis Seafront. The two problems we faced were the limited width of the boardwalk and the exposure to the sea air.

We decided to use a pedestal design on the tables so that we could optimise the space available to us - this meant it was easy to tuck chairs under tables without leaving space for table legs - this probably saved us around 8 inches, which is a lot when the tables were less than 4 foot long.

We constructed a galvaised steel pedestal and hid the fixings underneath the decking. We were very luck with our timber choice. Just a month earlier a huge Californian Redwood had fallen in a storm and we managed to get some slabs! Californian Red wood is a bright pink when first cuts, and it weathers down to a mocha brown colour. As the timber was green we decided to let it weather for a year before we come back and sand it down and seal it.


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