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  • Why is larch your choice of wood?
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We use larch for the majority of our work for many reasons:

  • It lasts longer
  • It's resistant to rot
  • There are no chemicals involved in its production
  • It is exceptionally environmentally friendly
  • It looks better
  • It ages better
  • It is local

The main reason that we use larch, is because it is irresponsible not to. Larch is one of Britain's most underused native species. The UK is currently undertaking a mass felling of Japanese Larch due to the trees (not the timber) having a disease. This wood is mostly used for pallet construction or firewood. Meanwhile the British Timber industry is importing massive amounts of fast grown pine from Northern & Eastern Europe and polluting our countryside by chemically treating them in the UK. This timber obviously has a massive carbon footprint; and the worst part is, we have tonnes of larch in our own back yard which performs better, is stronger and lasts longer. We hope that the building industry begins to use what we have in abundance in our own country rather than continues its policy of mass deforestation. In the meantime you can absolutely trust that we will only use the absolute best, ethically sourced local timber available.