Square Planter (Extra Large)

75cm x 75cm x 62cm
Fat Leaf’s Square Planter (Extra Large) is made to the highest quality in order to look superb and be long lasting.

Key features include:
  • Made from rings of 2x3 inch thick Larch timber.
  • Closed Mitred joints - quality finish.
  • 10 year guarantee against rot.
  • No need for lining or any additional treatments.
  • Fully assembled with 1 inch flooring providing drainage gaps.
  • 1 inch timber feet to raise off the ground. 
Our range of Square planters provide an essential growing space for gardens of all sizes.  The Square Planter (Extra Large) is substantial holding 250 litres of soil making it ideal for large, stand alone specimen plants, small trees and ferns.  
Length Width Height Volume
Square Planter (Small) 36cm 36cm 30cm 22 litres
Square Planter (Medium) 48cm 48cm 35cm 48 litres
Square Planter (Large) 60cm 60cm 43cm 102 litres
Square Planter (Extra Large) 75cm 75cm 62cm 250 litres
Square Planter (Mega) 90cm 90cm 76cm 505 litres



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