Mega Veg on Legs

220cm x 60cm x 90cm
Fat Leaf’s Veggie Planters are the best vegetable planters on the market. Extremely generous and well proportioned sizes make these planters a must for anyone keen on growing their own. The fact that Fat Leaf use untreated larch means that no chemicals will seep into the soil and contaminate your crops. Made using sustainable, local larch these planters will outlast any other on the market, with a 10 year guarantee against rot. All Fat Leaf’s products are delivered fully assembled and ready to plant. These planters are built with 2 & 3 inch thick timber sections and feature feet to lift it off the ground by 2 inches & flooring with drainage gaps.
This Megga Veg on Legs Planter is MASSIVE & it's great for people that want to grow loads of crops, but don't want to be bending down the whole time. As well as being a convenient height to work from these planters act really well as screens to separate different areas of your outdoor space.
Length Width Height Volume
Medium Veggie 120cm 48cm 42cm 100 litres
Large Veggie 150cm 60cm 48cm 280 litres
Large Veg on Legs
150cm 60cm 90cm 280 litres
Mega Veg on Legs
220cm 60cm 90cm 440 litres



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