Mega Hexagon

110cm x 94cm x 76cm
Fat Leaf’s Hexagonal Planters are built using 2 & 3 inch thick timber sections, they have closed miters (unlike our competitors) which look better and last longer and the planters look superb. These planters are generously proportioned and work well in clusters of different sizes as well as stand alone feature planters. Made using sustainable, local larch these planters will outlast any of our competitor's, with a 20 year guarantee against rot. As with all our planters these square planters are delivered fully assembled and ready to plant in 3 days and feature feet to lift it off the ground by 1 inch & flooring with drainage gaps.
This mega Hexagon, really is big! An adult could curl up inside it; which makes it an ideal punishment chamber for multiple children (only joking!) These planters are more suited to stand alone specimen plants, small trees & ferns.
Length Width Height Height
Small Hex 48cm 41cm 25cm 21 litres
Medium Hex 59cm 52cm 35cm 42 litres
Large Hex 76cm 65cm 43cm 110 litres
Extra Large Hex 90cm 80cm 62cm 205 litres
Mega Hex 110cm 94cm 76cm 440 litres
Herb Wheel 120cm 120cm 26cm 100 litres



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